A weekend hike; 26/03/2017

Two weeks ago, I was home (in Sabah) for a week holiday after a fortnight of gruelling mock exam. I had been wanting to write this since like forever *just kidding. I was quite occupied with school stuffs and with the upcoming A2 exam. Even though I had skipped school for two days in a row already. Yeah, I am an irresponsible student but I could not help it when I kept on waking up late.

Now, I am back in KL with the reality that A2 is just around the corner while I am still ‘lepaking’ senselessly.

Crepuscular ray, the angel’s light


Never thought that it was a thing in my hometown. Almost everybody back in my small town are into either cycling or hiking. At first I was quite skeptical about going for a hike at a local hill, thinking that the view would be not that breathtaking. But, boy, can I retract what I had said before? I felt ashamed with myself, the scenery was no joke. Yet, the hike was quite an arduous one as it took me about an hour to reach the highest peak, which is called Bukit Borneo Samudera or known simply as Bukit Samudera to the locals. I went hiking with my dad, mum, and Akam, my little brother. Ain, my sister could not come with us as she had to take care my youngest sister at home. Who would have thought that the hike would take more than two hours including the ascending and the descending. Mentally and physically, I was not prepared. Nonetheless, the hike was definitely worth it! Spectacular view awaits and you can even see Mount Kinabalu from the hill!

So where did I went for a hike?

Bukit Borneo Samudera, Membakut, Sabah.

Now, I cannot wait to be back home as soon as I can! Absolutely a perfect place for a jog though the terrain makes your shoes dirty!

Trying to be cool
Mount Kinabalu from far away
Look what I had found! Tadpoles to be! *lol
My mum said that this was a cobra, a mini cobra

Mum and Dad

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